My Mother, the Nazi Midwife and Me, from filmmaker Jane Hawtin and partner Gina Roitman is a compelling documentary that unearths a chilling story time has almost buried – the systematic murder of 52 Jewish babies in a Displaced Persons camp in the American military zone after the end of the war.

Growing up, Montreal writer, Gina Roitman, would not believe the disturbing stories her mother recounted about why she had refused to give birth in the Pocking-Waldstadt DP camp near Passau, Germany. “She said she didn’t trust the doctors in the camp; there were too many babies dying but to me, these stories were just another expression of my mother’s endless paranoia about all things German.”

"Discovering how blind I was to the truth provided a powerful jolt of reality to my view of the world. It changed me profoundly and set me on a path I have been avoiding all my life,” says Gina.