A short story writer, editor, biographer and sometime poet,

Gina has had a career for which the word eclectic is made to order. She has worked in regional theatre, radio sales, advertising, and communications.  She has edited biographies of child survivors of the Holocaust as well as written other biographies including “Midway to China and Beyond" and “A Rescued Life."

As a travel media consultant and volunteer, she has kept company with macaws and penguins, river otters and tarantulas, giraffes and chimpanzees.  As head of her own communications agency for 16 years, Gina worked with world class hotels, government agencies, and travel destinations from Egypt to Newfoundland and Labrador.  

Gina is the author of a collection of linked short stories: “Tell Me a Story, Tell Me the Truth.”  The title comes from something her mother used to say: “Your father tells you fairy tales but I tell you the truth.”

This documentary was a labor of love borne of a commitment to share a horrific story nearly buried by time.  It would not have come to light without the vision, perseverance, and prowess of Jane Hawtin.

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