After the war, starting over...

Born in Chrzanow, Poland (east of Krakow) in 1913, to Regina and Jacob Kluger, the fourth of six daughters, my mother, Sula, was industrious, organized, opinionated and the only one of her family to survive.


She lost not only her parents and her five sisters and their families, but after fleeing to the USSR and being shipped to Uzbekistan, she lost her husband to malaria and their three-year-old son to starvation. Sula was also close to death from starvation when her friends found her and took her with them to Germany, to the Pocking-Waldstadt DP camp.


Born in Baranowicze in what is now Belarus, my father, Benzion Miedwiecki, was the youngest of three, an only son. He apprenticed as a tailor and married young, fathering three children – two daughters and a son. Drora, his eldest, was old enough to have been my mother. When my father was conscripted into the Soviet army in 1941, he was forced to leave his wife and children. They died in Auschwitz.

At war’s end, Benzion reunited with his sister and her two daughters and together, they ended up in Pocking-Waldstadt where he and my mother met and soon married in March 1947. I was born January 1948.


My brother Marvin, Mother and Me.

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